Foundation Systems 

Working with our network of suppliers and partners, we can fulfill the foundations for your next project. Whether it's Groundscrews, SIP floors, Re-inforced steel/concrete foundations, NHBC approved suspended floor and alloy piles or Concrete Slab Foundations, we work with industry-leading supplier to deliver the base from which you can build your next project. 


Groundscrews offer a fast and effective way to create foundations for a pod, hut or modular building. They can also be self-installed, but we would recommend a professional supply and installation company. We have on occassion had to change or combine systems in the past, so a a soil condition and pullout test is recomended.Not all products are the same even though they seem like it on paper and in the flesh. Thicknesses of the galvanised layer can vary too.  


Insulated Re-Enforced Steel Raft System 
Rebar mesh and various thicknesses of Insulation; up to 300mm thick. U-Values of 0.11 are achievable, airtighness and reduced thermal bridging. Specificly designed for lightweight Hybrid MMC wall and roof systems.  


Alloy Mini Piles and LGS suspended floor 
We can offer NHBC approved LGS/Timber suspended floor and alloy pile solutions. This is a concrete-free option that is versatile and useful for spaces such as gardens, difficult to access sites or very sloping sites 


Pad Foundations 
Numourous Commercial and Residential projects over the years and prefer to use a recycled wire and plastic 3rd party approved system. Ideal if existing pipework under tarmac and on hardstanding; shallow footing and adjustable 
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